who can benefit ?

  • SME Business & Companies.

  • Manufacturers, Traders & Service Providers.

  • B2B, MSME Enterprises.

  • Exporters

what are the benefits

  • Funds without Hard Collateral.

  • Pricing based on your Customer’s

  • credentials.

  • Flexibility.

  • Hassle free process.

  • Off Balance sheet Credit Line.

  • Conversion of Credit sales into Cash.

Sales Bills Discounting ?

“Discounting of Bills of Exchange accepted by Buyers is a Time Tested & Evergreen Arrangement to raise Quick Affordable Finance.”

how it works ?

  • Supplier draws Bills of Exchange on its Customer for its Credit Supplies.

  • Customers accept such Bills of exchange for the supplies received & amount payable for the same on respective due date.

  • Accepted Bills of Exchange is submitted for Discounting to Investor along with underlying Invoices & goods delivery acknowledgment.

  • Investors pays the Bills of Exchange amount to the Seller after deducting agreed charges.

  • Customers pays Bills of Exchange amount to Investors on due date.

Invoice Financing

“Receivables are valuable Asset for any Business.
Invoice Finance unlocks these Assets to generate Financial Liquidity for your Business.”

how it works ?

  • Provide your Customer names, Credit period, Supply details.

  • Get offers to avail Invoice Finances/Discounting facility.

  • Accept Terms of the facility.

  • Assign your Invoices to your Investor.

  • Enter into facility Agreement.

  • Intimate your Buyer to make payment to designated account.

  • Receive money from the Investor

Business Enterprises has a choice to opt for: • Whole Ledger Finance • Selective Invoice Finance

Export Financing

“Export Factoring enables Exporters to mitigate the Credit Risk on the Customer & unlock its receivables to meet its working Capital needs.”

how it works ?

  • Factor advances funds to Exporters against supplied goods upto 80-90% of the Invoice Value.

  • Export Factor can undertake risk cover on Customers.

  • Factor directly collects payment from the Buyer on due date.

  • Factor pays balance amount to Exporter after deducting some charges.

Export Factoring enables the Exporter to raise Capital from Overseas Markets at Cheaper Rates.
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