who can invest ?

  • Individuals

  • Business Enterprises

  • Company

  • NBFC

  • Bank

  • Family Office

  • Anyone with Investible Surplus

what are the benefits

  • Short Tenure

  • Flexibility

  • Pre-Defined ROIs

  • Pre-Defined Maturity Date

  • Quick Turn Around

  • Risk Reward Balance

  • Optimum Returns

Bills of exchange Discounting

“Bills of Exchange is a Time Tested & Evergreen Negotiable Instrument for Investments.”

how it works ?

  • Investor approves Customer for Discounting its Acceptances.

  • Investor approves Rate of Discounting for investing in any Bills of Exchange.

  • The tenure of the Bill of Exchange depends upon the credit terms between the Seller & Buyer of the goods (Approx. up to 120 days).

  • Investor receives Accepted Bills of Exchange for Discounting from the Business Enterprise along with supporting documents.

  • Investor pays to the drawer of the bill after deducting agreed discounting charges.

  • Acceptor of the Bills of Exchange pays to the Investor on Due Date.

Bills of Exchange offers Higher Returns & Flexibility in Amount & Tenure to the Investor as compared to the Direct Investment with the Acceptor Company.

Receivable Finance

“Receivable Finance offers excellent Investment Opportunities to wide spectrum of Investors & Lenders to gain through purchase of the receivables from the supplier of Goods & Services early at a discount & realise Investment value on Maturity from the Customers of the Supplier. The Investor can provide the services at a charge to the Business Enterprise to pay for their credit sales to large & reputed customers.”

Investor defines its Preferences for

  • Investments tenure.

  • Return on Investments.

  • Customer profile of the Supplier.

how it works ?

  • SME seller submits Invoices to the Investor.

  • Investor remits funds against the submitted Invoices to the Seller.

  • Investor gets paid through designated payment mode for the Assigned Invoices.

Trade Receivable – A Class apart Investment Product
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