who can benefit ?

  • Dealers & Distributors bzuying from their Principals on Cash & Carry basis.

  • Manufacturer buying critical Raw material from large Conglomerates.

  • Business Enterprises benefiting from Early Payment for their Purchases.

what are the benefits

  • Enjoy Credit Period with Benefits of Cash Payment

  • Off Balance sheet Credit line

  • Collateral free

  • Helps Buyers to prolong Payments for Purchases

  • Quick & Hassle free

Purchase Bills Discounting ?

“Buyer can accept Bills of Exchange for payment to an Investor for their Purchases instead of making immediate payment to its Supplier .”

how it works ?

  • The Buyer enters into a Bills Discounting arrangement with the Investor to discount Bill of Exchange drawn by its suppliers.

  • The Buyer submits the Bill of Exchange accepted for payment to Investor for Discounting.

  • The Investor makes payment to Supplier by discounting acceptances of the Buyer.

  • Buyerer pays to the Investor on due date of the Bill of Exchange.

  • Investor deducts its charges at the time of Discounting.

Purchase Bills Discounting enables Business Enterprises to negotiate favorable terms with suppliers.

channel finance

“The Channel Finance program provides financing to buyers of a corporate, Catering to both backward & forward Supply chain linkages.The Channel Financing meets the Working Capital needs by providing additional liquidity to Buyers for procuring goods from Principal Corporates.”

how it works ?

  • Buyer issues Purchase order to Principal Corporate.

  • Investor pays to the Corporate.

  • Buyer pays later to Investor.

The Supply Chain Finance solution is aptly suitable for Business Enterprises having chain of Dealers & Distributors or operating in a monopolistic environment for its purchase of raw material..
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